Apollo Gladiator Match

Colosseum gates open at 11 am.

Main Event


Hecatoncheires vs. Emperor Helena's Finest Gladiators

  • The bloodthirsty Hecatoncheires, a towering beast made up of 12 warriors crammed into a single body, will clash with the greatest gladiators in the empire, in a fight to the death.

Battle Recreation

  • An exact recreation of the Battle of Goat Ridge 

  • 20 Roman soldiers backed into a corner must use 150 plodding goats as animal shields in order to survive an attacking horde of 300 savages. 


  • Ivan the Jackal, Champion of Crete vs. 25 actual Jackals

  • Creedus the Dog vs. Wooly Mammoth

  • Icarus “The Demon of Cyprus” vs. Lawrence “Legendary Legs” Louis

  • Hercules vs. Doomed Man 1

National Discus League Playoffs 


Roma DC  (22-2) and regular season scoring leader Mortimius Bullwhip clash with last year’s champions, Empire DC (18-6) led by legendary defenseman Tobias Houndstooth.

The face-off begins at 3 pm; tickets are available at the Colosseum box office. 

The winner will square off with the victor of Napoli Wave (20-4) vs. Pompeii Ash (15-9).