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Cornelius & Professor Centaur’s Relationship

Cornelius and Professor Centaur are an odd monster trapping duo. One is a young Roman orphan, still green in the ways of the Empire. The other is a 176-year old centaur, living in exile, well-schooled and worldly.  


Professor Centaur is a maverick. He’s an egocentric risk taker who lives his life like he’s immortal (he’s not). His life’s arduous journey has made him a skeptic. Cornelius is far more compassionate and reserved than his partner. He’s self-reliant and capable, but hesitant and often wavers in confidence. Cornelius always tries to do what he believes is right, Professor Centaur only does what he thinks will work. 


Typically self-serving, Professor Centaur begrudgingly finds himself developing a soft spot for his new partner. Cornelius’s youthful disposition, as irritating as it is to the Professor, provides Professor Centaur with a newfound sense of compassion. 


Cornelius’s life is in constant peril due to the brash and impulsive decision-making of Professor Centaur. But the chaos, as much as it terrifies Cornelius, makes him bolder. Cornelius accepts Professor Centaur’s brazen and unpredictable ways because he knows the Professor’s heart is in the right place. Cornelius considers Professor Centaur a close friend, and in a world so treacherous, close friends are hard to come by.

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Roads To Rome

Two ragtag monster trappers, Cornelius and Professor Centaur, collide with bloodthirsty creatures, ferocious barbarians, and scheming nobles when they are tasked with procuring the world’s most dangerous mythical beasts to fight in Rome’s gladiator games. 


Surviving their perilous trapping missions is only half the battle. Enduring the chaos of everyday life in Rome is the other. From grain shortages and lethal plagues, to cyclopes’ uprisings and foreign invaders, the ancient city is always a hotbed of madness.


Luckily for the duo, they don’t have to navigate the bedlam alone. They’re supported by their friend Cupid, a mischievous misfit who often creates as many problems as he solves, and by their boss, Emperor Helena, the most powerful mortal in the Republic, who relies on Cornelius and Professor Centaur to fuel her monster trapping business.


Between the deadly monsters they battle on their adventures, and the constant threat of being swallowed whole by the pandemonium of Rome, what could go wrong?