The Man Manned by Many Men


The Apollo Gladiator Games, the most important event of the year, quickly approaches. Cornelius and Professor Centaur venture to the Valley of The Scorpion Men to capture the mythical beast Hecatonchereies, to fight in the main event. Back in Rome, Emperor Helena is tipped off that a shady ticket scalper has bought all of the tickets to the games and is reselling them at such high prices that the commoners can’t afford to go, hurting her approval rating and jeopardizing attendance. She demands Flavius find and arrest the con man, and save the games. While Flavius struggles to unearth the identity of the swindler, Cornelius and Professor Centaur find themselves weaponless and desperate, face-to-face with an unexpected foe.


Fur The Emperor 

Episode 2

Helena throws a lavish house party. Her rivals, Good Amadeus and Priscilla, crash the event and intentionally slight Helena by dissing the Emperor’s fur. Helena becomes hell-bent on one-upping the couple and consults with Professor Centaur regarding rare furs. Meanwhile, Cornelius enjoys his weekend off. He grabs beers with Cupid, who recounts for him his latest botched “love hit.” Cornelius’s downtime is interrupted by Professor Centaur, who announces that they’ve been assigned an emergency mission to the dangerous north lands in order to capture the creature with the rarest fur in the Empire. When the mission goes south and all hope seems lost, a small detail from Cupid’s tale may hold the key to saving their lives. 

Grain Shortage IPA

Episode 3

An explosion in the popularity of home brewing leads to a massive grain shortage. Helena calls on Cleopatra to send Rome an emergency shipment of grain, but the erratic Egyptian leader only agrees to do so if Helena sends men to kill the Sphinx. Professor Centaur and Cornelius sail to Egypt to kill the beast and save Rome from starvation. Back in Rome Helena, Hadriana and Flavius begin doomsday preparations in anticipation of a famine-induced revolution. 


Episode 4


UnETHical Cupids NFT Community Episode

Episode 5

 Yes, And Pompeii

Episode 6


The Odyssey of Professor Centaur

Episode 7

The World's (un)Fair 

Episode 8