Live Improv at The Round Theatre

“Broken Chariot with Albert & Claude”

Theatre owners, legendary character actors, playwrights, and husbands, Albert & Claude are set to launch their new two-man improv show, “Broken Chariot with Albert & Claude” this month! 

The reviews are in and you don’t want to miss this!

  • “Mesmerizing! Bravo!” - Roman Times

  • “Ludicrous, absurd, hilarious!” - Roman Art Legion

  • “Impeccably brilliant with non-stop laughs!” - Good Amadeus

  • “Kind of fucking stupid to be honest.” - Flavius, servant of Emperor Helena


Dionysius Wine Week

This month’s full moon marks the start of Dionysus Wine Week! 

Our featured event is “A Stroll Through The Vineyards Of The Empire” starting at 10 am at The Silly Flute in South Rome. The Silly Flute will be providing flights of red and white wines from Crete, Macedonia, Sardinia, and Thrace. From there we’ll barhop through southern Rome’s snobbiest, most pretentious wine bars, and finish the day with a cheeky champagne toast in Senate Square.


For tickets and pricing please reach out to Vivian Vetta-Venne-Viche, Co-Host of "Live From Senate Square with Rufus & Viv."

Inaugural “Rome Brew Home Brew Festival”

Come sample the tastiest home brewed suds the city has to offer! This Saturday, local home brewers are breaking out their very best libations to drunken the masses and compete for the prestigious title of Rome’s Top Home Brewer! 

Competing Beers and Brewmasters include:

  • Double HorseFace IPA - Brewed by Professor Arthur Centaur

  • Black Plague Stout - Brewed by Binkie the Blacksmith

  • Siren’s Last Call Amber Ale - Brewed by Captain Ronnie Rodman

  • Love Stinks Sour Ale - Brewed by Cupid 

  • Sing Along Saison - Brewed by Dionysus “The God of Wine”

  • Minotaur Mountain Elderberry Hard Cider - Brewed by Andrew H. Minotaur

The Apollo Parade

Join the Faith Society at our Annual Apollo Holiday Parade - the night before the Apollo Gladiator Games. Bring the whole family and don’t forget to wear your best toga and mask!

The gates will open at noon, and the party won’t stop until the sun goes down! We’ll have a variety of local food carts, family-fun games, dunk tanks with REAL dwarfs, bobbing for apples, and of course, an amazing fireworks display to follow the famous ceremony!